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Many courts have commented that Federal Medicaid laws are the most complicated laws that have ever been put into effect by Congress with the exception of the Internal Revenue Code. In addition, Florida has many special laws, rules, regulations and interpretations that increase the confusion.

Long term care is paid for in one or a combination of 3 ways:

  • Long-term care insurance
  • Private Funds
  • Medicaid

Estate Planning is important regardless of the amount of assets owned. Frequently, good planning is more critical for someone with a nominal amount of assets than for the wealthy.Peace of mind should be the goal when attorneys and clients work together to plan an estate.

Peace of mind comes from:

  • Fully understanding your options
  • Making informed decisions
  • Obtaining legal documents designed to distribute your property according to your wishes with the least possible taxes, expenses and delay

The word probate means to prove. In Florida, probate court is where certain matters pertaining to a deceased person’s estate are proved in a judicial proceeding. Basically, probate is the court’s way of making sure a person’s wishes are honored.

The basic goal is to pass clear title to assets on to the rightful beneficiaries. Assets that are the subject to the process are known as probate assets. These assets pass either subject to a Last Will and Testament or without a Will. Dying with a Will is called Atestate. Dying without a Will is called Intestate.

Elder law attorneys at Hill Law Group are a resource to their clients because they understand their clients’ needs may extend beyond basic legal services. They stay informed and connected to the local networks of professionals who serve the elder population throughout Pinellas County, Florida.

Caregivers are often overwhelmed when faced with helping their disabled, chronically ill, or elderly loved one. They want their loved one to receive the best possible care in the most appropriate setting. Yet, our system of services is so fragmented and confusing that few are able to sort through the myriad of information.

Some elder law attorneys provide services called Life Care Planning. This services is a multi-faceted collaborative team approach that addresses a variety of aspects including:

  • Legal services
  • Advocacy services
  • Elder care coordination services
  • Medicare and insurance assistance.


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