Elder Law


Elder law attorneys at Hill Law Group are a resource to their clients because they understand their clients’ needs may extend beyond basic legal services. They stay informed and connected to the local networks of professionals who serve the elder population throughout Pinellas County, Florida.

What is an Elder Law Attorney?

A lawyer who deals with legal issues that impact elderly clients:

  • Health and personal care planning which include powers of attorney and living wills, lifetime planning, and family issues;
  • Fiduciary (financial) representation, housing opportunities and financing, income, estate, and gift tax matters;
  • Planning for a well spouse when the other spouse requires long term care, asset protection, public benefits such as Medicaid, insurance, and veteran’s benefits;
  • Capacity, guardianship, and guardianship avoidance;
    Resident rights in long-term care facilities and nursing home claims;
  • Employment and retirement matters, age or disability discrimination, and grandparents’ rights.
  • Will and trust planning, planning for minor or adult special needs children, and probate;
  • Life care planning- planning for all aspects of aging, illness, and incapacity. The specialization requires a practitioner to be particularly sensitive to the legal issues 
impacting elder clients

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For example, when planning an estate, an elder law attorney would take into consideration the health of the person or couple, the potential for nursing home care, and the wishes and concerns of the person or couple if that event were to occur.

If need arises, the elder law attorney will associate other legal experts. Elder law covers all aspects of planning, counseling, education, and advocating for clients.

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