Life Care Planning

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Caregivers are often overwhelmed when faced with helping their disabled, chronically ill, or elderly loved one. They want their loved one to receive the best possible care in the most appropriate setting. Yet, our system of services is so fragmented and confusing that few are able to sort through the myriad of information.

Some elder law attorneys provide services called Life Care Planning. This services is a multi-faceted collaborative team approach that addresses a variety of aspects including:

  • Legal services
  • Advocacy services
  • Elder care coordination services
  • Medicare and insurance assistance.

The resulting plan provides the elder and their caregiver with much needed support. Life Care Planning services are designed to:

  • Help ensure that those in need of care get appropriate care in the best suited setting whether that be at home or in a residential facility;
  • Locate sources (both public and private) to help pay for long term care and address associated asset protection issues;
  • Provide peace of mind and hopefully, a good night’s sleep to caregivers and those in need of care.

Life Care Planning is best suited for:

  • Persons with an ill or disabled spouse,
  • Persons in the early stages of chronic illness,
  • Persons with disabled children or dependents, and
  • Family members (local or long distance) who need help caring for their disabled or elderly loved ones.


A life care plan explains how the elder law attorney will protect and maximize the elders physical, legal and financial well being from the day the plan is created until the end of his or her life.

The life care plan team can include the elder law attorney, the client, elder care coordinators, geriatric care managers, nursing or medical advisors, financial advisors and others as needed.

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