My mother has been especially on my mind lately, since she died two years ago Friday, and today it’s two years ago that we had her funeral. Your newsletter reminds me of how appreciative I still am of all the help and support you were to me during the care-giving years. Hope all’s well with you in your business and life.

I have over the course of many years been required to update my will and the details of my estate planning and have used the resources of several attorneys in the process. I have never met or worked with an attorney as competent and thorough as April Hill. My sister has been recently placed in assisted living and I needed to set up a Revocable Trust as well as a Special Needs Trust. I am very fortunate to have met April Hill.

This is why.

First of all she is very generous with her time. On my first visit to her office in St. Petersburg she gave me a detailed analysis of the complexity involved with legal documents regarding my sister’s special needs. She outlined and clarified every legal distinction and definition regarding every question I asked her. She drew comprehensive graphs on a white board as a means of explaining points which I didn’t understand.

But the thing which I found most satisfying was in the final work product of the Revocable Trust. In addition to the original documents, this financial instrument was presented to totally organized in a ring binder with every heading containing copies of all the many and varied documents tabulated and ordered all together. I am not an attorney and often feel at odds and uncertain regarding the rules and requirements pertaining to these important documents, thus the level of organization I found at the Hill Law Group, took an enormous amount of stress of me by virtue the completeness, attention to detail, and competence of the Hill Law Group .

As aforementioned, I have worked with many attorneys in the past and have not experienced such service for such a reasonable fee.

April Hill and the Hill Law Group has my highest recommendation.

~  Doug

Ms. Hill was exceptionally kind and thorough, and timely. She thought of things that I/we had not considered, and gave viable options and alternatives. She offered solid reasons for her advice, and explained issues in a manner that was easily understood. I freely encourage the use and services of Ms. Hill’s!

~  Joe

I went to Hill Law Group to have some legal documents drawn up and was impressed by not only the professional and caring environment of their offices, but the attention to detail and personal attention that we received by the team. I cannot compliment them enough on their handling of my needs and the expertise that they have provided which has helped me in dozens of ways. If you are looking for an elder law, probate, or life care planning specialist – I couldn’t recommend Hill Law Group any higher. They are the one you need to choose!

~  Anonymous

We needed to have all of our Ohio estate planning documents reviewed and brought up to date with Florida laws. April Hill was thorough, professional, and helped us resolve ways to be fair and equitable to all of our 4 daughters, sons-in-law, and 10 grandchildren.

~  Anonymous

Thank you so much for your time and generosity. Your act of kindness is truly appreciated and we will be sure to pay it forward.

~  J.C. (Joan)

Thank you for taking on this confusion and making sense of the chaos. Your legal expertise is truly a gift to us.

~ M.T. (Mark)

I have been touched by your thoughtful and caring concern during this very difficult time for my family.
~ Frances

Thanks for all you’re doing for our parents. You are guardian angels of our seniors.
~ Mark

Thank you for all your guidance and expertise in the handling of my mother’s legal affairs. Failure was not an option and you certainly went above and beyond to make everything easier for us.
~ D.H.

Thank you all for the wonderful work you are doing for me and so many other blessed people. It’s a pleasure to have you in my life.
~ Ellen

These past few years were very difficult for me and my family and we could not have made it through them without your support and kindness.
~ L

Thank you for all your help. We would have been lost without you.
~ K. & C.

I want to thank you for our interview a few weeks ago. This week my Elder Law classmates and I presented our attorney interviews, after the conversation I had with you, I felt adequately prepared and able to contribute to the conversation in class. I found that your words about living and working with intention resonated most with me. As a student looking to continue in Elder Law, I feel that I had a valuable discussion with not only an elder law attorney, but also a successful business woman. Thank you!
~ Chelsea

Thank you for your help in creating a “new life” for me. It was a longtime decision but once made- a big load off my mind! New living area is the next project.
~ Blessings, Alice

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