ABOUT Stacee Dawson

Receptionist/Intake Coordinator

Being the first point of contact in an office is no easy task, but I wouldn’t want any other positon. As the Receptionist/ Intake Coordinator my favorite question is, “How can I help you?” and it is my sincerest hope that we can.

Before joining Hill Law Group, I was a Medical Administrative Assistant for many years, the highlight of which was my time with Suncoast Hospice. While at hospice I had the privilege of working in different departments, but nothing can top the two and a half years I spent with the Suncoast PACE team!  There is nothing like knowing firsthand what you are doing is REALLY making a difference. Being at PACE gave me the opportunity to interact with a diverse group of elderly participants, each struggling with their own health issues and the everyday hurdles of life, as well as hone my multi-tasking and multi-“hat wearing” skills.

After several years with Suncoast Hospice, family and life came calling. Diagnosed with Alzheimer’s shortly after her retirement, it was time for me to assume the role of caregiver and advocate for my mother. No one could have guessed her Alzheimer’s would progress so fast! After months of caring for her it was clear she needed more help than I could provide. Now everything that had once consumed my life was gone and it was time to get back to work… literally! Thankfully, that work would be here, and I couldn’t be more blessed to find myself in the company of such a great team!

When not working, my significant other and I enjoy spending time with our 3 kids. We can be found somewhere between Clearwater and Brooksville, either in the stadium stands rooting for the Central High Bears or adventuring to somewhere we haven’t been before.