ABOUT Melissa Medina

Public Benefits/Legal Assistant

I am the Public Benefits Specialist and Legal Assistant here at Hill Law Group.  I love working here because of the opportunities I have to learn and grow as well as make a difference people’s lives.  Each day brings new challenges and rewards.
In fact, I believe in what we are doing here and in the people that we are able to help. I know firsthand how difficult it can be taking care of a loved one after watching my grandfather give his all for my grandmother who had dementia. My family and I also helped as much as we possibly could.  I respected my grandfather so much for all that he did for her day in and day out. Until I came to Hill Law Group I really did not understand what that meant.

I spend my evenings and weekends watching my children’s baseball games, helping with homework and doing all those things us moms get to do. Family is very important to me. My husband and our 4 children keep me on my toes.